Mohona’s Debut CD - In Beauty  - an extraordinary album of smooth, sharp, twangy, thoughtful, exotic, boppy, esoteric, sublime and just plain beautiful music.  Kind-of Indo-jazz-folk-fusion-nice.

Listen to samples  here


Mohona (Bengali: estuary)… the place where the great rivers meet the ocean…whether turbulent or placid, Mohona is both a beginning and an end…a place of meeting,  convergence and departure… a place where life thrives.  Likewise our music is a confluence of musical tributaries and currents; four musicians from different parts of the planet now living in Canberra, each bringing our own musical identity and heritage. We blend these individual ingredients into a unique and fragrant stew — Indian and western melodies seasoned with sizzling guitar, soaring vocals, pulsating or soothing rhythms and enchanted improvisations. We play music that colours and opens the mind and the heart, music that seeks to celebrate nature, life and friends.

Simon Attwood (England) - acoustic and electric guitars, fretless bass - major influences John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck.

Robin Guda (Bangladesh)- vocals, harmonium, tabla - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Nitya Bernard Parker (New Zealand) bansuri vocals, flutes, saxophones, guitar, keyboard - major influences Jan Garbarek, Chaurasia Prasad, Pharoh Sanders.

Andrew Purdam (Australia) - tabla, cajon, dulcimer, piano accordion, backing vocals, keyboard, Irish bouzouki - influences include Stravinsky, Ayub Ogada, Jimi Hendrix, Nikhil Ghosh.

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