In Beauty


Imagine exploring a very special estuary - you come across and are drawn into an ancient woodland (Foxley Wood) - teaming with life - and you can sense this place has a deep history - many many stories . You walk out into a profoundly serene lake that merges with the ocean - you are filled with inner peace (Shanti). You are energised by playful birds courting and mating (Ruff & Reeve). Then something unexpected of relentless power - maybe a fire or tsunami or warplanes dropping bombs - need to focus - survive (The Fall). It passes and you are left wondering - why so much suffering AND  friendships/profound mysteries (Heart to Heart). Once again you are entranced - this time by a rare species - the night parrot - it plays and swoops and squabbles (Loro de la Noche). Its difficult to hold both the abundance of what’s precious and beautiful and yet the sadness of losing it - meanwhile the currents of the great waters are continually moving and changing (Nadia).

Hear extracts from each track below:

Mohona’s Debut CD - In Beauty  - an extraordinary album of smooth, sharp, twangy, thoughtful, exotic, boppy, esoteric, sublime and just plain beautiful music.  Kind-of Indo-jazz-folk-fusion-nice.

In this ancient English wood, sunlight breaks through leaves... they in turn are imbued with life by fitful breezes. Minstrels, having crossed the Sahara to return here, unfurl their song and mark boundaries...
Whilst admirals dance in dappled azure light, pyramids are built, kingdoms rise and fall, ten score generations of humanity and still I stand.

The bird sounds are actual recent recordings of willow warbler and blackbird in Foxley Wood England

There's a song I know that has no music
And an ocean without waves
There's a peace that passes all understanding
And I long to find it so.

Foxley Wood

by Simon Attwood

Shanti -

by Dada Nabhaniilananda

Ruff and Reeve -

by Simon Attwood

On a windswept marshland, the pugnacious menfolk gather at the lek.  donning their finest livery, they dance for future lives

The Fall

by Andrew Purdam

Slam Slam Doors close
Fire Smoke
Falling Falling
This story is not for children.

Heart to Heart

by Esme Holmes

"Can we have some time alone?
I've come a long way to be with you."

In memory of Claire Bruhns - Her every breath – compassion and zeal – forever an inspiration

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Loro de la Noche

by Simon Attwood

They name you occidentalis, they brand you critically endangered under IUCN 3.1.
A needle in a thousand haystacks,
we lost you,
found you
and lost you again.

The Night Parrot

In Beauty

by Nitya Bernard Parker

Making precious every moment – not easy
Not easy moments – honouring dignifying

based on raag ahir- bhairav


a traditional thumri using raag desh

$22 includes postage